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Fundraising & Sponsorship

Ensuring a high-level high school soccer program requires proper training gear, equipment and facilities. Fundraising and sponsors will ensure our fiscal goals are met and sustained. With a synergy built between the athletic department, the booster club and our parent/alumni network a solid ecosystem of funding will be ensured. THANK YOU EVERYONE helping to ensure the continued excellence of Norsemen Soccer!

Sponsorship Opportunity

We are offering an excellent opportunity for your company or organization to partner with the soccer program and help your marketing endeavors. Through the use of game day banners, website logos, game day flyers and booster networking the soccer program can help market your organization in the community. Please reach out to the team manager for more information:

Parent Volunteers

We require a parent volunteer to manage each category below.
 Please contact the team manager to inquire:


Please consider a direct donation:

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